Central Vacuum Hoses

Looking for a vacuum hose in NZ? Here at Vaccessories, we offer lightweight, soft-touch, high-quality hoses designed to fit any central vacuum system. With so many different models out there, we know how hard it can be to choose the right hose to work with your system. At Vaccessories, we make it easy for you to meet all your vacuuming needs in one convenient place.

Standard Hose 9.0 Metre

Are you looking for a replacement or extension to your old, worn-out vacuum hose in NZ? The team here at Vaccessories can help. We offer top-quality, durable hoses. As they come in two types – standard and switched hoses – and in various useful lengths, a Vaccessories hose is sure to fit all your vacuuming needs.

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Lightweight Vacuum Hoses

Our lightweight hoses have smooth bores. This means that they allow better airflow through the system, for more efficient extraction of dirt, dust, and other particles. For this reason, you’ll get cleaner air in your home or office space. All our Vaccessories hoses are highly adaptable, designed to work with any existing central vacuum system, including:

  • Astrovac
  • AVT
  • Beam
  • Canavac
  • Centralvac
  • Cyclovac
  • Easyvac
  • Electron
  • Electrolux
  • Eurovac
  • Hayden
  • Hills
  • Hoover
  • Kiwivac
  • Maxvac
  • Pullman
  • Premier
  • Silentmaster
  • Smart
  • Tellus
  • Ultraclean
  • Vacumaid
  • Zanussi

Standard Vacuum Hoses

A standard vacuum hose is an extremely flexible and lightweight attachment. With a smooth bore, it permits maximum airflow through the system. They are highly adaptable, suitable for nearly any model of residential and commercial vacuum cleaners. All you have to do is connect one to the wall inlet of your central vacuum system. Once attached, powerful suction automatically kicks in, pulling air through it to remove dirt, dust, and other debris. To stop the system from operating, all you need to do is to unplug the hose. 

A central vacuum system makes cleaning formerly hard-to-reach areas of your home or office much more manageable. Getting into those tight spaces behind furniture, the smooth surface of cushions, or tight nooks and crannies – they all benefit from the length and mobility of a long vacuum hose.

At Vaccessories, our standard hoses come in two lengths: 9 metres and 11 metres. Thanks to their long and flexible construction, these hoses can reach small corners or tight spaces, like underneath the sofa, with ease.

It is crucial that you keep your hose in optimal conditions. Bends, holes, or worn areas may reduce the suction through the hose, compromising your vacuum system’s cleaning capability. That’s why the handles of a Vaccessories hose can swivel 360 degrees, helping prevent hose kinking and bending, problems that traditionally affect inferior models of hoses.

Ready to make the switch? When you replace your old vacuum hose with a Vaccessories standard hose, you’ll gain the upper hand in your chores!

Switched Vacuum Hoses

Want to take the convenience and cleaning power a central vacuum system offers to the next level? With a Vaccessories switched hose, now you can! These longer hoses help you reach all those problematic areas. Whether it’s underneath a table, behind a shelf, or anything in between, a powerful switched hose is perfect for the vacuuming job.

With smooth bores inside, our switched hoses allow debris to flow through faster, helping the vacuum work better. By choosing Vaccessories for your switched hose needs, you’re guaranteed to get a flexible, durable, lightweight switched vacuum hose that will provide better suction and optimise cleaning performance. What’s more, you can choose between two sizes – 10 metres and 12 metres – depending on the size of your home. At Vaccessories, all our vacuum accessories are sure to satisfy all your vacuuming needs.

These hoses are perfect for residential and commercial cleaners and dust and fume extraction, where the elimination of static build-up is of prime importance. Our hoses feature premium quality Friction Fit, allowing them to connect to wands without a locking button. Don’t worry about hunting for the right hose for your system. A Vaccessories switched vacuum hose will fit all models of central vacuums.

Our switched hoses feature on/off switches on the handle, allowing you to easily activate or turn off your central vacuum system with a quick flick of a fingertip. With 360-degree handle rotation, our hoses are kept safe from hose twisting, preventing damaging bending and kinking and reduced performance. This rotation also allows you to quickly and easily position your hose exactly where you’d like.

Here at Vaccessories, ou pride ourselves in offering the highest quality hoses in NZ. You’re sure to be satisfied with the increased functionality and incredible effectiveness of a Vaccessories vacuum hose. Let Vaccessories be the answer to all your central vacuum accessory needs!

Why Use a Central Vacuum System?

There are many reasons why a central vacuum system is superior to a traditional portable vacuum.

A central vacuum system means no dragging around heavy equipment behind you, through your home and up and down stairs. This makes them much lighter and easier to use. In addition, because the motor is usually placed in the garage, utility room or basement, they’re far quieter than portable vacuums. You can even listen to music while vacuuming! This also allows other activities to take place in the living area undisturbed and is calming for pets, children, and the elderly.

The cleaning process isn’t just more pleasant – it’s easier and more effective, too. A central vacuum motor can be up to five times more powerful than an upright or canister vacuum cleaner, allowing for faster, deeper cleaning of your home, floors, and furnishings. This means quicker cleanings and longer time between cleanings, and extends the life of your home and its fittings. As you can install inlets throughout your home, you can simply attach a vacuum hose to them and go, meaning you don’t have to worry about tripping over cables or struggling to get into tight spots. As you don’t have to drag heavy equipment behind you, there’s no risk of your vacuum hitting your valuable furniture or damaging your walls.

A central vacuum system is economical to install and saves on power in the long run. They can be easily adapted into any new or existing home. As they vent externally, like a dryer vent, this means that dirt and dust in the air is vented outside your home or business – improving its air quality. This makes them particularly beneficial for allergy or asthma sufferers. They also help add market value to your home.

Why should I replace my vacuum hose?

There are many reasons why your hose might need to be replaced. If the hose is damaged, has a leak in it, or a missing seal, that will affect its suction or pressure. This means that it will not work optimally, which means you’re not getting your money’s worth from it.

All sorts of things can lead to damage to a hose. Unsupervised toddlers, over-eager dogs, attempted home DIY gone wrong – there’s plenty of reasons why it might be time to get a replacement. Sometimes, a hose simply wears out, and it means that it’s time for a replacement. Or, you might just have moved into a new home without a vacuum hose of its own and need a new one.

A well-functioning central vacuum hose is vital for your family’s hygiene. A suitable hose helps remove dirt, dust and allergens from your living space, producing cleaner and more hygienic living conditions. Besides, if your hose is very old or damaged, germs, bacteria, and dirt might begin to build inside the hose and its attachments. This leads to reductions in the air quality of your home.

Buying a central vacuum system

When buying a central vacuum system, it is essential to make sure the unit is powerful enough to pull dirt through the system effectively. You must consider the size of your home or business to determine the length of the vacuum hose and the suction power of the motor. Vaccessories offer a wide range of hoses with different lengths: 9 metres, 10 metres, 11 metres and 12 metres. Check them out below.

All of our hoses are available off the shelf for immediate dispatch. To receive our best prices on stocked items, please add the item in the cart and click the check out button. You will receive free NZ shipping on all orders for orders over $99.

If you would like detailed information on availability or specifications of any of our hoses, please click the ‘View Product’ buttons below. Alternatively, to discuss your requirements for a vacuum hose further, please contact our technical sales team on 0800 570 570.

If you’re looking for a replacement for your central vacuum hoses in NZ, the team here at Vaccessories are happy to help. Give us a call at 0800 570 570 or email barry@vaccessories.co.nz and we’ll be glad to see what we can do to help meet all your vacuum supply needs.