Central Vacuum System

Are you looking for a top vacuum system to keep your home spotless? Look no further than Vaccessories. If you’re looking to keep your house in optimal condition with much less effort than you need for a traditional portable upright or cylindrical vacuum, you’ve come to the right place. We offer a range of products designed to fit all your vacuuming needs.

We look forward to helping you on your vacuuming journey to keep your house spotless. No matter what the model, size, or set-up of your system is, with the team at Vaccessories, you’re sure to find exactly the central vacuum system you need.

Why should I buy a central vacuum?

Central vacuums offer a simple, cost-effective way to keep your home clean. It comes with unbeatable advantages over traditional, portable upright or canister vacuums, such as greater suction power, less noise, and a significantly improved ease of use.

With the venting of air outside the house, a central vacuum means that there’ll be no stale smell or dust in your air after vacuuming, making your home a more pleasant place to live in. They’re a low maintenance, economical way to keep your house clean and fresh.

Power Units (2)

With a central vacuum system, all the dust and debris gets removed from living areas and is transported directly into the dust canister, which is tucked neatly out of sight, far from the living room, a central vacuum keeps the air in your home cleaner. A central vacuum will also not recirculate fine dust spores into the air, which is something that often happens with traditional portable upright or cylindrical vacuums.This feature is especially beneficial for families with children and pets. Central vacuums are far more efficient at removing harmful irritants and pet dander, which are often responsible for causing allergies and triggering asthma attacks.