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Are you struggling to find the best vacuum cleaner bag?

There are all sorts of vacuums available on the market. With so many different options for vacuum cleaner bags out there, it can be hard to know what the right one is for your model. 

At Vaccessories, we listened to the common complaint of “it is so hard to find the right bag for my vacuum”, and developed our Easy Bag Finder. Simply use the arrow keys to navigate search results to find your brand (for example, Electrolux), select the model and you will be directed to the required bag for your machine with one easy click. 

With our Easy Bag Finder, you can eliminate dust in your home with ease.

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Vacuum Bags for Your Home

No matter what type of vacuum cleaner you have, we have the bags that will match the model. Whether you’re Electrolux loyal or a pal of Panasonic, Vaccessories is here for you! We are here to make the experience as easy as possible for you, so check out our extensive range of products today.

Our team understands that it can be overwhelming seeing so many different options out there for such an everyday product. Here at Vaccessories, we believe that finding the perfect vacuum cleaner accessories for you will optimise your experience far beyond a one-size-fits-all approach.

Vacuum cleaners use powerful suction technology to pull a stream of air into the machine. The suction is strong enough to pull in pieces of matter. While the extra air exits through the exhaust port, the dust and matter stay in the vacuum’s filter system.

Vacuum cleaner bags are made of a woven, porous material that functions as an air filter. The material is usually synthetic, cloth or paper. While the air can get through, dust can’t – so any dust and dirt can get collected in one place that’s separate from your living space. Read on if you would like to learn the pros and cons of each material used as filters.


Cloth is the material that was used in the earliest vacuum cleaners to filter out unwanted matter. If your vacuum has a reasonable amount of grunt, cloth bags can be suitable for use. However, they can be a hassle when they get full, as they are not disposable. With cloth bags, you have to dispose of the contents inside the bag and clean the bag out regularly.

If you are willing to undergo that extra task, cloth bags are great for older vacuums and are one of the more eco-friendly options.


Synthetic – or microfibre – vacuum bags are one of the best solutions for high-performance vacuum cleaners. Finely woven yet tough, the microfibre material can last up to 50% longer, facilitate up to 50% better suction in the vacuum, and have a much greater capacity than their paper counterparts. Most vacuum cleaner models fit synthetic bags, so if you’d like to know more, talk to us today!


The first disposable bag option, paper bags tend to be more affordable and more eco friendly than synthetic ones. While they have less capacity, they can still fit many different vacuum models. Talk to us if you think paper vacuum cleaner bags are right for you or look up your options in our Easy Bag Finder!

Anti-allergy and carbon pet bags

Carbon particles are the key to the latest innovation with microfibre bags, providing protection against allergens for anyone reactive to pollen, dust, animal hair, and more. If you have pets, pet-specific vacuum cleaners are ideal for cleaning your home, effective at collecting stray hairs and providing odour control.

Why your bag is so important

The cleaning power of a vacuum cleaner is largely dependent on the filter that you use. Keeping small particles out of your home such as:

  • Dander
  • Dust
  • Airborne microbes
  • Pollen
  • Other allergens

Is crucial for anyone’s health, especially that of asthmatics and anyone suffering from allergies. A filter of poor quality can exacerbate problems in your air, which is why choosing a high-quality filter is so important. Our team at Vaccessories is more than happy to help you determine how you can make that happen.

With the help of Vaccessories, you can:

  • Improve the air quality in your home
  • Protect you from respiratory infections and allergies
  • Eliminate gas pollution and odours from your home
  • Make your vacuum cleaner last longer by preventing clogging in the exhaust system and subsequent malfunctions

Regular replacement of your vacuum cleaner bags and filters, according to the product instructions and guidelines provided, is the best way to keep your home consistently clean and ensure the longevity of your machine.

Filters that are not working properly can damage your vacuum cleaner and cause damaging particles to seep back into the air. Blockages in your filter can also make your machine work too hard, significantly increasing your power bill.

So if you want your home to be as clean as possible, get in touch with our team at Vaccessories today!

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